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Sport event organizers

Digitize your event and let people participate internationally


Associate your brand image with sport values


Raise funds for your NGO thanks to your virtual sporting event


Motivate your employees through a fun team building event

Multiple sports

Your virtual race can support Running, Treadmill, Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Swimming, Hiking, Walking


Everyone can participate wherever they are.


A Virtual Race is customized for your brand, your sponsors and your message.

Live ranking

Your participants can see their live ranking and the leaderboard of your virtual race. They can filter the ranking by gender, age, and country.

Seamless user experience

Our solution integrates:

The registration process

Emailings at the end of the race for each participant

User support

Create your race now

Analytics & data

At the end of your race, get a complete report with KPIs to measure the performance of your race and the database of your participants so that you can send them their finisher pack for instance.

Unique & universal technology

Our technology is compatible with all connected devices on the market, enabling us to interact with all types of sportives.

Data protection ✔


What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a virtual sport event where everyone can participate in, from anywhere. The participants must meet the conditions of the Virtual Race to be considered as finishers (for instance: run 5K, cycle 30km, etc.). All the sport activities are tracked, so that a live ranking can be published. Participants don’t have to go to a physical event, and can participate during a certain period of time, wherever they want: in the street, in a park, a forest, on a track… Alone, with their family, their colleagues, their dog. Remember the Sport Heroes’s signature is : “Your Sport, Your way” 💪

How can the participant register?

Once the participant has created a Sport Heroes account, they have to:


Register on the Virtual Race page they have chosen


If needed, confirm their personal details (gender, age, country); those informations are mandatory for the live ranking


Confirm the registration and they are good to go! In the "virtual races" section, they should see the races they have registered in.

How can I set up my Virtual Race?

Once you’ve contacted us to create your Virtual Race, you only need to choose the features of your race and send us your design assets (banners, logo…) so that we can set up your race for you. It usually takes 1 hour once we have all your information and material.

Can I sell tickets for my virtual race?

You can absolutely use any payment platform to sell tickets for your VRace. From the VRace side, we will restrict the entery of the virtual race to participants who have a valid code. From your side and the payment platform you use, you will make sure to give a valid code to each participant who paid to take part.

Will you help me to recruit participants for my race?

Once we have published your race subscription page on our website, it is your turn! You’ll have to share the URL of this page on your communication channels to recruit participants for your race: social media, email, website, press release… If you don’t have your own community and communication channels then you can engage people who practice running, cycling or swimming in France, UK and Australia, by running advertising campaigns on our sports communities. We’ll help you promote your virtual event. Just contact us 📩

Who is the own of the participants data?

As an event organizer, you own the data of the participants. At the end of the race, we will send to you the full database with all statistics about your participants and your virtual race. Of course users will have to create a Sport Heroes account to take part into your race on VRace and of course Sport Heroes will have the right to use the data participants to execute the virtual race, but appart from the execution of the virtual race, Sport Heroes won't use the users data, won't share it and won't be able to communicate with your race participants.

How much does it cost to create a virtual race?

We charge an all-in-one package to organise your virtual race. It contains the creation of your race, the setup of your page, virtual race production, user support, virtual rankings, and the full database and reporting about your race. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a quote depending on the features you would like to unlock.

Can I restrict the access of my VRace to a specific group of people?

Yes! If you want to make your virtual race private for your employees, or organization's members, we can restrict the access with an individual code. Therefore, you will only have to distribute the codes to your participants.

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